About Loco Coco

Our Mission Statement: 

We are Loco Coco.

Loco Coco is not only a way of cooking; it's a way of life. We make seasonal, California cuisine with an attitude that reflects not only our cooking, but our community at large. We're passionate about strengthening our internal bodies, as well as our external sense of community. Now is the time to support locally grown, organic, fresh, sustainable, food.

Today (more than ever) we need to be concerned with where our food is coming from and how it is prepared. We take the farm to table approach sourcing our ingredients from local farmers markets and businesses as much as we can. We support the little guys. Alone we may be small, but together we can make a difference and promote change in the way we not only eat, but the way we live our daily lives. 

Loco Coco strives to bring people together through food, music, and art, creating a strong sense of togetherness that reflects not only our ideals and standards of high quality food production, but also our long lasting positive impact we leave on our community, as well as our earth. 

Act locally, think globally. You are what you eat. Eat happy. Eat well. Eat Loco Coco.

A brief history of Loco Coco:

Loco Coco is the brainchild of Tiana Lagemann and her mother Cara Mia Coniglio. Growing up in an Italian family there was never a shortage of great food. It runs in the family. From Nana Coniglio, Cara's grandmother and Tiana's great grandmother, a wealth of knowledge and fantastic cooking skills were passed down to Cara's father and Tiana's grandfather, Phil Coniglio, who started the Mediterranean Market. The Med Market was an institution of Carmel for fine wines, cheeses, and imports among other things, such a soups, salads, and sandwiches. It was one of the first of it's kind. From there Cara learned to cook at a very young age. Tiana discovered a love of cooking when she attended culinary school in San Francisco. That's why we believe in tradition and old fashion great tasting ingredients that speak for themselves. From generation to generation the food has evolved into what it is today. Italian comfort food to all around fresh California cuisine made with the finest California ingredients. Taking traditional recipes and updating them for the modern world, we use what's in season and available right here on the Monterey peninsula. We're old school with a modern twist. In our house cooking is tradition, and we know it brings us all together. Anyone who is friends of the family knows what this means and anyone who hasn't has yet to experience it through simply tasting our food. Drawing from the past, the plan is to start small but dream big and eventually bring something like that back to the community. A sense of belonging. That is why we created this business. In hopes of bringing everyone together again through a love of food, cooking, community, local art, and music. Eat happy. Eat well. Eat Loco Coco.